Sunday, December 6, 2009


Sorry for not posting sooner--I was visiting my folks on the east coast.
I almost didn't go to Venice yesterday because it looked like it might rain, but as the guy selling homemade recycled plastic cup Christmas light disco ball thingies next to me so aptly said, 'If you think it's going to rain, it won't.'
Business was pretty slow, though. I wanted to look like I was doing *something*, and came up with this-

It occurred to me that it resembled a paranoid schizophrenic's drawing, like what Louis Wain would draw if he was into dolphins instead of cats. I had a disturbing thought, that maybe one didn't draw this way because one was insane, but one became insane because one drew this way. I searched my mental backlogs for paranoid notions, theories connecting Hebrews to space aliens and whatnot. I was relieved to find no sinister Freemasons or omniscient bankers.
There was a guy dressed up as a tree on stilts walking back and forth, and some people next to me trying to form a human pyramid. I'd sketch them, but if I sketched every freak that wandered into my field of sight, I'd soon run out of paper. I fear I've grown kind of blase about performance artists. On the other hand, there was a redtailed hawk flying back and forth over the strip, practically strafing it. It was being harassed by some ravens. I wondered if anyone else was aware of this drama playing out in the airspace over our heads.
Only sold one drawing yesterday, but it was a picture of Totoro for a couple with a little girl. They had no reason to know I was a Miyazaki fan, so I was pretty thrilled.