Thursday, January 28, 2010


Because an entry without a drawing is like a honey bee without another honey bee...

Had quite a good day today. My boyfriend lent me a folding chair. It's lightweight and has a handle, just the thing for quick entrances (and getaways.) Did okay moneywise, too. I only sold 3 drawings but two of those came with a nice gratuity. This old guy wanted me to draw him relaxing with a beer outside the Bitburger. This idyll was to be titled 'Retirement.' The concept is rather foreign to me, but he seemed pretty thrilled with his drawing. He kept calling it his '$5 Masterpiece' and showing it to everyone who went near him. Then some other Bitburger patrons wanted a similar drawing of their party.
I was happy to oblige them...I just hope that I don't find myself stuck in the 'Drawing people drinking outside the Bitburger' niche.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Dubious Legality

It was warm and nice out today, which meant it was hard to find a spot to set up on the strip. Finding a legitimate space was out of the question, so I had to take an illegitimate space (out in front of some bike posts.) A German(?) lady hawking jewelry told me not to sit too close to her and I felt sort of bad.
There is apparently a lottery run by the city to determine who gets a spot on the weekends. You have to pay $25 or something just to be entered. I think some of the other people feel that I am a flake exploiting the system...but I didn't make a cent today. Can one really be exploiting the system if one doesn't make a profit? I don't know if it's worth $25 to avoid discomfiting a German lady.
Anyway, I was rather on-edge and was gratified when a guy set up in another (non)spot next to me...selling DVDs with no boxes. (I mean, shit, I wouldn't do THAT...boxes are important! One scratch or smudge and your viewing experience is ruined...) Sometimes he would take a break and leave his dog in charge.
A police car drives by once a day. I told myself I'd leave if the police told me to. Usually the car just drives on by but this afternoon it lingered in front of my spot. 'Crap,' I thought, 'they've come to roust me about my lack of a permit.' As it turns out, they had stopped to arrest this guy-

I know the drawing leaves something to be desired but it was based on actual events. The draftsmanship was altered to protect the innocent.

Monday, January 4, 2010


Sorry for the inconsistent posting, and Happy New Years! My last day at Venice was before Christmas, but hopefully 2010 will be characterized by a) more posts or b) no posts at all, because I've gotten a job and I have other things to do.
Speaking of characterizations, somebody has probably already pointed out that Venice is characterized by caricatures. Living ones. Case in point, here is an exchange I overheard between two enviably skinny girls. They were looking at the goods of the guy next to me.
GIRL A- "Cool, compasses for sale!"
GIRL B- "I've, like, never figured out how to use a compass..."
GIRL A- "Whaddya mean?"
GIRL B- "Well, the needle is, like, always moving."
Then there was this old lady on roller skates who seemed to be an abstraction of *something*...
Just what, I'm not sure.
And then we've got the Platonic Ideal of a Chihuahua, a wonderfully grotesque little animal. The noble Ancestral Wolf must be spinning in his grave like a furry horizontal tornado.