Saturday, January 9, 2010

Dubious Legality

It was warm and nice out today, which meant it was hard to find a spot to set up on the strip. Finding a legitimate space was out of the question, so I had to take an illegitimate space (out in front of some bike posts.) A German(?) lady hawking jewelry told me not to sit too close to her and I felt sort of bad.
There is apparently a lottery run by the city to determine who gets a spot on the weekends. You have to pay $25 or something just to be entered. I think some of the other people feel that I am a flake exploiting the system...but I didn't make a cent today. Can one really be exploiting the system if one doesn't make a profit? I don't know if it's worth $25 to avoid discomfiting a German lady.
Anyway, I was rather on-edge and was gratified when a guy set up in another (non)spot next to me...selling DVDs with no boxes. (I mean, shit, I wouldn't do THAT...boxes are important! One scratch or smudge and your viewing experience is ruined...) Sometimes he would take a break and leave his dog in charge.
A police car drives by once a day. I told myself I'd leave if the police told me to. Usually the car just drives on by but this afternoon it lingered in front of my spot. 'Crap,' I thought, 'they've come to roust me about my lack of a permit.' As it turns out, they had stopped to arrest this guy-

I know the drawing leaves something to be desired but it was based on actual events. The draftsmanship was altered to protect the innocent.

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