Thursday, January 28, 2010


Because an entry without a drawing is like a honey bee without another honey bee...

Had quite a good day today. My boyfriend lent me a folding chair. It's lightweight and has a handle, just the thing for quick entrances (and getaways.) Did okay moneywise, too. I only sold 3 drawings but two of those came with a nice gratuity. This old guy wanted me to draw him relaxing with a beer outside the Bitburger. This idyll was to be titled 'Retirement.' The concept is rather foreign to me, but he seemed pretty thrilled with his drawing. He kept calling it his '$5 Masterpiece' and showing it to everyone who went near him. Then some other Bitburger patrons wanted a similar drawing of their party.
I was happy to oblige them...I just hope that I don't find myself stuck in the 'Drawing people drinking outside the Bitburger' niche.

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