Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Positive Thinking

The Main St. Starbucks does NOT change the entry code to their restroom daily. I checked.
Today was also a bust, even with my new improved super deluxe setup--a big sheet for me to sit on, and rocks to weigh the drawings down so they won't blow away. What I REALLY need is a folding chair and table. Hopefully I won't have to steal them.
At least more people came up to shoot the breeze with me this time. Had one exchange that ran something like this-
YOUNG GUY IN SHADES- What did you do for Disney?
ME- I was a storyboard artist in training.
GUY- Wow, that's tough...Did you go to school for that?
ME- Eyup, I went to art school.
GUY- Well...great story! Thanks!
Even though that may not have been the most polite thing to say, I think he was sincere and I felt strangely complimented. I've always wanted to be the subject of a great story.
After a similar exchange, a middle-aged guy commended me on my positive attitude. It was because I said I was happy to be working outside, I think. This was also encouraging. In the job market it seems to be crucial to project a positive attitude even if one isn't really feeling it.
Oh well, week days are pretty dead. Beatles Butcher didn't even show up today. I think I'll take tomorrow off and work on some mini-portfolios with art and contact stuff. I want to drop by the Creative Talent Network Animation Expo in Burbank this weekend, at least for a little while, before I head to Venice again.
At least I sketched this bulldog!

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