Sunday, November 15, 2009


...I am going to go down to Venice Beach with a poster board that says 'I was LAID OFF from DISNEY FEATURE ANIMATION. I will DRAW ANY ANIMAL YOU CAN NAME, $5.'
And I am going to blog about it here.

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  1. Just went through all your posts on this blog. Nice effort. Reminds me of this one time, a few years ago, when I was an animation intern at a music television channel in Bombay...the pay was very bad and never on time and to make ends meet I used to sketch tourists every evening at a popular cafe...making about $25 per week. The thing about such times is that - it's better to be engaged in something positive, howsoever minuscule, than become despondent.

    Eventually, I got some cool freelance too from the cafe contacts. Anyway, I'm sure things will get better and your awesome talent will get the recognition and financial worth it deserves. Till then, to borrow a phrase from your part of the world - You go girl!