Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Today was rather a washout. As in, I didn't make a cent. Even the dogs were less interesting. The only standout was a dachshund with wheels instead of legs, and wheelie dachsunds are a bit of a cliche.
People were helpful, though. They pointed out that nobody could see my drawings and that I was too far back from the main drag. Everyone is aware of the guitar player next to me, making hash out of Beatles songs, because they can hear him. The cruel advantages of audio!
Tomorrow I'll make some refinements to my setup. Once again, I tell myself I've lost nothing (except for time and gas money) and gained knowledge. The entry code to the restroom in the Starbucks on Main Street, for instance. I wonder if they change the code daily to foil people in my predicament.

...I guess I'll find out.

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