Sunday, November 22, 2009


I look up from my table and there is a fellow in Yassir Arafat headgear smashing a guitar on the pavement. Little guitar splinters fly everywhere. Another guy starts berating him. Is he the owner of the guitar? Seems a valid conclusion but I can't say for sure. The second guy told the guitar smasher they should go into an alley and sort it out. I didn't see how it ended and will probably never know.

But most of the interactions I've observed have been friendly and civil. People have been telling me I've been selling myself short and that my 'Laid Off by Disney' sign is too pathetic. I politely disagree. I don't want pity, but the sign gets attention. Maybe a time will come when I don't feel the need for it any more, and that will be a lovely day. As for my pricing...I've tried NOT selling myself short in the past. For that, I got absolutely nothing. Anyway, it's hard to put a value on art. In a world that includes scumbags like Thomas Kinkade, I like to think I am giving discerning buyers more for their money.


  1. Was it a turf war, I wonder? My friend was doing chalk side walk art in Toronto as a busker, and one day another another busker, I think he was a guitar player, came over to his area and kicked his change box into the street. Change went flying everywhere.

    Thankgod you decided not to be a guitar player and go there, Moro.

    Anyways, I know how you feel, so stay hopeful! Something (fantastic) will come up

  2. What's up with wearing a mass murdering terrorist's signature clothing, anyway? It's worse then wearing a Che t-shirt.